Eindhoven needed a space for social encounters. From June 2018 to December 2019, we transformed the former 4000m2 V&D warehouse in the city centre of Eindhoven into the Warehouse of Innovation. An arena for questions and solutions related to smart city, health, energy, design and mobility.

We designed spaces for businesses, government institutions, tech students, designers, start-ups and partners from the education and technology sector to get-together.


During one and a half year Warehouse of Innovation gave place to exhibitions, music performances, lectures, maker labs, design studio’s, dyslexie courses, rollerskate parties, table tennis tournaments and much much more.


Partners we collaborated with were; Dutch Design Foundation, Dutch Ministry of Defence, national Police, Government of Eindhoven, TUe, Fontys, Summa college, New Order of Fashion, Embassy of Mobility, Decathlon, to name a few




Initiated by Studio Harm Rensink & Ellen Albers

Supported by an amazing team: Emma Wessel, Teun Zwets, Tom Jakobsen, Kazoe van den Dobbelsteen, Nicole Dillissen and many many more.


“The location has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis and has the contours of an interesting industrial hotspot in the making.” - Financieel Dagblad
warehouse of innovation


Signature Projects

Future Bodies

Hair in Fashion and Art

Vlisco 1:1

Modebelofte 2017