‘Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend’ was featured in the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje. In the exhibition, the Tassenmuseum displayed the absolute highlights of the collection of the National Rijksmuseum; Including umbrellas, hats, hair accessories, shawls, gloves, fans, shoes and stockings. We closely collaborated with Leonie Sterrenborg, curator of the exhibition, to realise a designconcept that exhibits accessories on the time use. We made an exhibition that startes with a fresh sunset showing delicate and light objects, slowly transforming into nightlife, where glitter and feathers are shown at their best.


For this exhibition we designed the identity and developed several promotional video’s with Bart Hess.




Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

Designteam Harm Rensink and Lisanne Fransen

accessories are a girl’s best friend


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