Kruispunt Rotterdam is a semi-permanent exhibition realized by Studio Harm Rensink for the newly reopened Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. With this exhibition, the museum places its ethnographic collection in a contemporary context. Supplemented with new works by artists, artists and Rotterdammers who were inspired by the museum's famous collection. A dialogue between the then and now, the far away and near. There is a focus on the meaning of what has been collected over time and how it ended up in the museum. Through themes such as spoils of war, expeditions, donations and trade journeys, a past is uncovered that is discussed, questioned, interpreted and placed in the present.

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Kruispunt Rotterdam makes it clear that Rotterdam has always brought the world closer, starting with (trade) journeys to the present day where it is the home of 170 different nationalities. That realization starts immediately upon arrival with the work Globetrotter Rotterdam (realized in collaboration with R-nul) by spoken word artist Derek Otte, who places the history of the museum in the context of the current debate in society.


The exhibition Kruispunt Rotterdam shows that cultures and identities are in motion, through mutual exchange. In this way, Kruispunt Rotterdam tells the story behind batik and the innovation within traditional batik techniques in contact with the Middle East, India, China and Europe. Artist Bouba Dola made a film, inspired by the museum's masterpieces such as Congolese power statues and photos of Sapeurs, especially for Kruispunt Rotterdam. With this he gives a new perspective on this movement from Congo. In Kruispunt you discover the world in Rotterdam. There is also a large part of the world-famous collection of asmat shields to admire.


Studio Harm Rensink was responsible for the design of this inclusive exhibition of 800m2.

Kruispunt Rotterdam is an exhibition with a lot of content, that demands focus from the visitor. By means of the design, the exhibition is divided into different segments and the visitor takes a journey through the train of thought of the curators and curators of the Wereldmuseum. In collaboration with Kloosterboer Decor and the light designers from BeersNielsen there are luminous display cases developed from a matt acrylic that color the themes. The outcome are no nonsense showcases with open character giving a hint of its construction, where the safety and luxury values ​​of the objects are not compromised. By means of the illuminated showcases, more and more color and diversity is being added from the past, with in the final room the brightest colors where the museums collection assignments are presented in which young artists anticipate the future of the collection.



Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink & Judith Muijs

Photography by Mike Bink & the Wereldmuseum


Kruispunt Rotterdam


“The renewed Wereldmuseum is more Rotterdam than ever. It’s about the cultures that make Rotterdam a world city.” - Rijnmond on Kruispunt Rotterdam