National Museum Sweden




The exhibition ‘Domestic Futures’ explored how design and products have the power to influence our everyday life. One example is the Smartphone, a device that in less than a decade has become a dominant feature in our daily life. In the exhibition designers from all over the world speculated about how our living rooms may look in the next 10, 20 or 50 years from now, and how these future products will affect our daily routines in the future households.


The scenography of the exhibition comprised three living environments with artifacts and projects that allowed the visitors to discover what the future may look like. Will we “cook” in-vitro meals and keep replacement organs at home in the fridge, will we generate our own electricity and grow our own food in the backyard, or do we maybe own an apartment on another planet?


The exhibition challenged the visitors to literally step into their possible future households and moreover to think about what kind of future they want, and what kind they don’t want.




Domestic Futures was curated by Lisanne Fransen

Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

Photography by Linn Ahlgren / National Museum


domestic futures