The exhibition ‘BodyDrift – Anatomies of the Future’ is the first in a series of presentations centring on the new ‘Posthuman’ cluster within the museum’s collection.


What does the future of the human body look like? In the exhibition artists and designers explore the moral and technological boundaries of the body.

Humans are improved, protected, made more attractive. This process has been going on for ages, but it has reached its zenith in light of current technological advances. ‘Bodydrift – Anatomies of the Future’ is about the recent history and future of our bodies. It gives an overview of the current state of affairs and presents a speculative exploration of the new human.


This exhibition takes visitors to a world in which modern jewellery that set out to act on the body has now evolved further into highly relevant technological body extensions.




Exhibition design by Studio Harm Rensink

& Bart Hess

Photography by Bart Hess


Design Museum

Den Bosch



body drift – anatomies of the future


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